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Belly Dance Your Way To A Sexy Body

By Lani Henderson
When we hear the term 'Belly Dance' we may think of ancient times and a dance performed purely to entertain men. All that has changed in recent years and in the West it has become a fantastic form of exercise we can use to tone and sculpt our bodies while having fun!

A belly dance exercise class is a total body workout with real calorie burning benefits. You get the benefits of a cardio, sculpting and stretching workout while having a great time! A fantastic alternative fitness option, belly dancing gives us a chance to experience ancient dance forms with a fused and modern twist.

When the French first saw the dance they called it the Danse Du Ventre. This translates as 'dance of the abdomen' and hundreds of years later it was the American GI's who translated the French expression into "The Belly Dance." It's origins can be traced back as far as 4,000 BC and when you take part in a class you get a real sense of the magic of the past in the hypnotic moves and rhythms.

The classes are suitable for beginners so do not feel you have to be a good dancer to take part. You will learn the basic moves such as hip circles, snake arms and 'shimmies.' The toning and sculpting benefits are fantastic as you are moving your entire body to the music. Best of all, classes are fun and enjoyable unlike traditional gym classes and workouts most of us have tried! There are also real weight loss benefits and you will burn calories during the dancing.

The benefits of belly dance are both physical and mental. It helps to improve your sense of well being and body image and increases self esteem. Taking part in sessions regularly will slim your body into a beautiful, sexy shape and there is no risk of strain or injury as the movements are natural and graceful. You will also find it helps to de-stress and energize your entire body you will leave a class with more energy than when you arrive!

This ancient dance will put you in touch with your sensual feminine nature with graceful movements and hypnotic music. As well as the fitness and physical benefits you will get a sense of ancient cultures. Some classes also use Bollywood beats and music and this can increase the tempo and bring a more modern angle to this fabulous dance style.

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Rajesh Makhija said...

no more surprised when hear that even men are into this...

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