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Vegetarian Diet Chart For Your Weight Loss Plan

By Robin Verma
If you like to experiment with your eating habits, then you can try out a pure vegetarian diet for your weight loss program. Research says that in general vegetarian food is healthier than non vegetarian food. It also says that human digestive system is naturally designed for eating vegetarian food.  People are turning vegetarians every year, so if you would like to try the vegetarian diet for your weight loss program, you can consider the following (commonly used among Asian Indians) vegetarian diet chart for your weight loss plan:

1. Try to wake up before sunrise. Drink 2 glasses of water. If you are not able drink that much water in the first day, then drink as much as you can, and slowly try to increase it to 2 glasses every morning. 

2. Go for a morning walk or jogging for at least 30 minutes every morning. Do not eat anything before jogging.  After you return back, have juice of any fruit that you like. Try to avoid sugar as much as you can. Fruits have natural sweetness in them. 

3. In breakfast, have bread or toast with butter or have two 'idlis' (a round shape Indian dish, made up of rice) with 'sambhar' (a type of vegetable soup) 

4. In lunch have 3 medium sized chapattis, a cup of boiled rice with curry, and one green vegetable. You can also have salad in which you can add fruits and vegetables of your choice. The food should have minimum oil and spice. 

5. at evening, you can have milk, tea, coffee or any other beverage with a couple of toasts or biscuits. 

6. At dinner, either have chapattis or rice with any of your favorite vegetables or 'dal'. Eat plenty of vegetable salad that  includes green and leafy vegetables in it.

If you would like to alter this diet then there are lots of healthy and tasty vegetarian recipes to select from. You can always google for new recipes; sites like YouTube would be helpful as well. Try to follow a strict vegetarian diet for 3 months, and with proper and regular workout, you will see a definite change in yourself, both in weight as well as in your health

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Eating Healthy For a Better Heart

By Marcio Rocon
Records of medical related deaths in the last few decades show that the most number related to cardiac arrests, and heart related problems. Being a crucial part of the body, and you should take care to keep your heart healthy. People go usually for taste and not for quality of food. They overlook foods that give them energy nutrients, and opt for foods that give taste, and kill hunger. Almost everyone eats at fast food joints that serve junk, but which tastes yummy. Have you ever realized how much damage burgers, fries, sausages, and other fast food causes to the heart? Consumption of excess salt and sugar is also considered unhealthy for the heart.

Yes, it is very difficult to keep away from those tempting delicious hamburgers and juicy sausages. However, make sure you keep away from them or get prepared to face a round of heart stopping trouble. The only alternative to a hamburger is no hamburger, but if you must, ensure that they contain very little mayonnaise, and the sausages stir fried in low amounts of 10 refined oil.

Studies show that about 80% of heart diseases can be reduced through healthy and proper diet. Well, if you are one of those people that eating fattening foods and have oodles of excess weight, it's high time you control your diet and follow the following tips.

Vegetarian foods: There is nothing as healthy as pure vegetarian food. It is not that vegetarian foods don't contain fats. They do, but less. Green leafy vegetables, carrots, tomatoes, cucumbers are considered very healthy and adds no cholesterol to your body.

Non-vegetarian foods: There are a few methods to cook non-veg foods to reduce the cardiac risk. Add spice to your non-veg foods by mixing sage, dill, dry mustard, marjoram, tarragon, oregano, garlic, onions etc., as these reduce cholesterol and fat saturation.

Extra activities: Smoking, alcohol, excess caffeine in the body can also add to the risk of heart diseases. In order to keep your heart healthy, reduce or eliminate these from your life, and be involved in regular physical exercises that include cycling, running, jogging, cross training, etc. All this, not only makes your cardio-vascular system strong, but also builds your stamina.

Here's a list of both vegetarian and non- vegetarian foods that can help you remain fit and keep your heart healthy: White meat, lean red meat, wholegrain foods, green/red fruits and vegetables, low fat milk and milk products, and low cholesterol oil or olive oil.

Eat low saturated fat foods and carefully read the ingredients used in your food and do not trust the labels saying low cholesterol. Chocolates, fast/junk foods, mayonnaise, cheese, butter, etc should be avoided as much as possible. Remember; avoid Low-Density Lipoprotein (LDL), which is bad cholesterol, as it causes heart complexities; whereas High-Density Lipoprotein (HDL) is the good cholesterol, which should be present in the body to prevent cardio vascular risks. Things like heredity, gender and age cannot be controlled, but things that affect them can surely be. Hence, eating healthy food and keeping a watch over your diet would better keep your heart safe.

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How to Lose Arm Fat

By Jack Landry
While I was watching the news a few weeks ago, the wife of a governor that had just been elected was standing beside him while they celebrated his election victory. She was waving to the crowd, and although she appeared rather skinny, the fat under her arm seemed to sag and jiggle faster than her hand did! I was pretty surprised to see that someone who claimed to exercise regularly had such saggy underarms! I'm sure she is like many women though, that wonder how to lose arm fat.

Flabby underarms are unfortunately a problem that many women have to deal with. Men seem to accumulate fat deposits mostly in the biceps, while women mostly collect fat underneath the triceps. And no matter how skinny a woman is throughout her life, at some point she will inevitably suffer from saggy underarms. The amount of fat that accumulates underneath the arm is mainly due to genetics, but body weight plays a part too. Luckily, burning the fat off your jiggling arms is possible, although it requires a consistent and concerted effort.

If you want your saggy arms to disappear but don't really need to lose any extra weight, stick to a healthy diet and exercise regimen that includes weight training exercises that focus on your biceps and triceps. You should also add some aerobic exercises that target the upper body and arm muscles, such as rowing, swimming, and dumbbell aerobics. But be sure to train your entire body and not just your arms. Otherwise, your muscles will grow out of proportion, causing you to not only look a little funnier, but also be more prone to injury since you will have neglected strengthening some key stabilizer muscles.

But most importantly, don't worry about strengthening your arms! It doesn't matter how hard you train them, women simply don't have the levels of testosterone required to really bulk up. You will look a lot better with firmly toned and defined arms, and still very feminine. And a full body workout will also strengthen your bones and back -- research shows that regular resistance exercise lowers your risk of osteoporosis. By consistently training your muscles, you will condition your body to burn fat and conserve muscle, giving you an overall healthier and leaner appearance.

At your gym, or wherever you work out, focus on using weight and rowing machines, and cardio exercises that work your upper body. Cable pushdowns and curls will tone your arms wonderfully. Another great exercise is the triceps kickback, which is performed by holding a dumbbell in one hand, bending forward almost parallel to the floor (you can support your empty hand on a bench), and then extending your arm behind you. Additionally, you can perform triceps extensions by holding a dumbbell at one end with both hands, raising it behind your neck, and then extending it up over your head, and then back down behind your neck.

There are many more arm exercises that will tone and fix those saggy underarms. By combining a healthy diet with regular exercise, anyone can achieve the look they want. And not only will you look better, you'll be healthier and feel better too!

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How to Lose Neck Fat

By Christopher Heffron
Neck fat can be unsightly, and of course most people would rather be rid of it. Neck fat seems to be more common the older you get. This probably has to do with gravity, and the accumulation of fat over the years. So you're probably wondering how you can lose your neck fat? In this article, we will reveal the secret regarding how to lose neck fat safely and easily.

It's important to understand that no matter how many neck exercises you do, be it shrugs or neck stretches, you'll never be able to lose weight exclusively on your neck This simple fact can be frustrating and make the process of losing your neck fat a longer process, but it's the truth. Targeting your neck with neck exercises will tighten up the skin, and help tone the area, but unless you get liposuction or a body wrap, to lose neck fat you must lose weight all over your body.

Genetically everyone is different. One person may lose weight starting with their neck, while another loses weight everywhere first, before they notice a difference in their neck It's really a genetic crapshoot. However, no matter how you are genetically predisposed, you can lose neck fat by eating healthier and exercising on a regular basis. Gradually, with effort, determination and will power, you can drop the weight and lose neck fat in the process.

Neck stretches and exercise will also help you speed the process of losing your neck fat Just like the rest of your body, if you work your neck muscles, they will grow and become stronger. The larger your neck muscles, the more they will push on the skin of your neck making the skin firmer and thus minimizing the appearance of a double or triple chin.

Besides exercise, a solid, healthy diet is important when attempting to lose neck fat By feeding your body the proper foods, such as fish, chicken, beans, nuts, fruit and whole grains, you will speed up your metabolism and make burning body fat that much easier. You should also look at the portion sizes of your meals. It's far better to eat five or six small portions of the proper foods, than it is to gorge yourself once or twice a day.

Now that you're armed with the knowledge of how to lose neck fat safely and easily, it's just a matter of using that knowledge on a daily basis. By making healthy living a life style choice, rather than a short-term goal, you can ensure that you never have to worry about losing neck fat in the future.

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