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By Martin Lane
Teenage obesity levels are at an all-time high. In the convenience led world we live in today it is far too easy for our children to live on fast food and spend hours on end in front of a TV or computer screen. Most of us feel it is safer to keep the children inside and not let them go out to play. The problem with that is they do not get the exercise they need to help them keep fit and therefore keep their weight down

It is our responsibility, as parents, to try to get the children active and to educate them in their choice of diet. Children learn by example so it is important to set a good example. Try and do more activities as a family, take up hiking or go for bike rides. Whatever you decide to do make sure you get them out in the fresh air and they will soon start to enjoy themselves.

If for some reason you can't participate yourself get them involved in team sports. Have a look around in your community papers and you will see adverts or articles on local teams. Try and get your child to enrol with one of these groups and do your best to support their new hobby. If you take the time to run them backwards and forwards to matches and watch your child play there is a better chance that they will keep up the sport. Remember that all the time that they are taking part they are burning off calories and this will help them to lose weight.

It is also our responsibility to control what our child eats. It is important as a parent to remove temptation from your child and to encourage them to eat healthier foods. Do not have the cupboards full of junk food and the fridge full of soft drinks. Instead try to introduce more fresh fruit and raw vegetables to your child's diet
Replace soft drinks with water, if they don't like plain water there are many flavors available just ensure that you check the contents for anything that is not good for them. Fresh fruit and raw vegetables like carrot sticks can replace crisps and snacks.

It is important as a parent not to shame your teenager into losing weight. They need to know that you love them for who they are and not what they look like. Going on at your child about their weight will only damage their self-esteem even further. Always look at the positive side of everything and praise them for any accomplishments they achieve.

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