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Fat Loss Or Fitness Gain

                                      By Sudarshan Jayaraman

All humans are commercial minded - nobody wants to 'lose' anything, be it money, cherished possessions, or near and dear ones. The very term 'loss' makes people feel uncomfortable. Everybody wants to 'gain' something or other all the time. So, let's play on human psychology to motivate ourselves by redefining the subject of this article as 'Fitness gain' instead of 'Fat loss'.
Weight loss, fat loss, body building, muscle building, size zero, six pack abs, monster arms etc. may be different publicity slogans used by Health clubs and Fitness equipment manufacturers. However, the underlying key factor is fitness. Embarking on this is a project, definitely, the most important project of our lives. Let's begin by identifying the basics of this project - Setting targets, Drawing up a plan and Executing the plan - like any other project. These three are not very finely defined stages and watertight compartments; you need to keep going back and forth between these stages throughout the project.

This is the starting point; and it has to come from the self. An overweight couch potato friend of mine suddenly took up Fitness gain seriously. I wondered what could be his motivation. His response stunned me - when he finally passes away from this world, he didn't want his pallbearers to curse him for his weight!!! When he had so much difficulty carrying his own weight while ambling from the refrigerator to the couch in front of the TV, he wondered how difficult it would be for others to carry him. Good thought. What's your motivation?
Setting targets:

Nothing can be achieved without a target. 'Aiming high' is good in theory and nice to talk about in seminars; but practically, it could turn out to be a cause for disillusionment for first timers. The magic mantra is 'Keep it simple'. Start with a very simple achievable target and keep redefining it as you make progress. So, don't visualize yourself with a body like Sylvester Stallone or Pamela Anderson. That could come later; in fact, may not be desirable at all. Maintaining a body like that would become a fulltime activity and the fun would be lost. Don't even start by recording your weight, chest & waist measurement, BMI etc. as most programs would suggest. Remember - all you are aiming at is Fitness gain.
Drawing up a plan: 

The most important factor to be considered while planning is that the activities you get into shouldn't be monotonous and boring. Working out in a gym for an hour a day may help you build muscles and strength; but it could be a dull affair. Take up an activity that can go on in a sustained manner over a long period. Plan sports and outdoor adventure activities, which could include your partner and close friends. Fun and group activities will take the drudgery out and produce the desired results quickly. Even long brisk walk in a park would do lot of good. Build up a pace such that you can carry on conversation with your partner without much difficulty. It will do a lot of good to your relationship too!!! Swimming is also a good exercise for the entire body. Form a group of like-minded friends and go on weekend hikes or bicycle trips. It will be a great idea to combine such activities with interest in photography. High impact activities like running may cause damage to the joints in the long run. All you are looking for Fitness gain. Perfect definition of Fitness would be improved functioning of the lungs and the heart. This combination would ensure that every part of your body gets the requisite nourishment and the toxins are flushed out.
Executing the plan: 

Isn't it ironical that we drive a couple of miles to the Gym and walk / run on the treadmill there? We readily use the elevator to go up or down a few floors; but take membership in a gym to work out on the Stepper!!! Start execution of the plan by making subtle changes in your life style. When you need to go to the nearby shopping complex to buy a can of milk, don't reach out for the car keys; instead start walking to do such chores. If you normally press the elevator button to go up or down a few floors, you should now give rest to your finger and start using the stairs. When you start feeling comfortable with this, you can start on the planned activities. However busy you are, you can definitely find time to improve your own fitness. It may be ideal to begin the day with the planned fitness activity before getting on to the daily chores. If you take efforts to do anything for 21 consecutive days, it becomes a habit. It's that simple. You need to push yourself for just 21 days. Then your activity will start driving you.
 What you are is what you intake less what you utilize. Each individual's body is unique, as are the eating, drinking and physical activities. There is no such thing as a standard. Through extensive research, professionals in the Health Industry have developed indicators of the general needs of minerals and nutrients for the average human. There is a wealth of serious information available on the Internet as well as in the libraries and bookstores. One can't do justice to this vast subject by including a few lines in a short article. Pick up the basics from any of these sources and plan your own diet. If you have survived reasonably well by eating / drinking whatever you have been doing till this stage of your life, you may not have to make major adjustments in your diet. Only you know what suits your body best. Don't get carried away by the hype surrounding various Health / Energy / Booster products that are being marketed; some of these claims may be unsubstantiated and may even have undesirable side effects.
Have fun. Gain fitness.

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