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Still Skipping Breakfast?

By Natalie Lovitz
Eat it and you can lose weight, improve your mood and feel much more energized and happy. We've all heard breakfast is the most important meal of the day yet many of us still choose to skip breakfast on a regular basis. Get it wrong and your fluctuating blood sugar levels can make you feel terrible. By including this essential meal you will improve your health and can even lose inches You barely have time to gulp down your coffee, the kids are arguing, you have one eye on the clock, the other on the toaster. Have you lack of energy? Are you hungry? Mid-morning you might grab a snack, usually high in sugar. You have lower energy levels, your performance suffers and you have mood swings and fatigue. In fact, you may not feel happy until lunch time? Sound familiar? Read on to find out how you can break the 'fast past' for good. Not eating breakfast increases your risk of depression and has a direct impact on your mood.

Recent studies show we are more at risk of having problems with concentration, metabolism and weight. 'Eating breakfast increases your metabolism and gives you the energy you need to start your day properly. It will aid your cognitive skills as you will be more alert. Digestion is improved, which helps you eliminate unwanted toxins and breaks down 'bad' fats,' says DR Jenkins. GP with a special interest in weight loss and nutrition. Research show children who regularly eat breakfast have improved concentration, better standardized test scores and are less hyperactive.

This shows that adults will also perform better at work. The author Somerset Maugham once said. 'The only way to eat well in England is to have breakfast 3 times a day.' So why are we depriving ourselves? Researchers say skipping breakfast has become more common among adults in recent years, perhaps due to efforts to lose weight and time pressures. The fact is skipping breakfast makes you fatter! Yet over 40% of us assume it will help as lose weight. 'We think we are saving on calories but too often we replace these calories throughout the day by nibbling and binging. We are more likely to make unhealthier food choices when we are hungry and our blood sugar levels are low,' explains Clinical Nutritionist Katherine Zeratsky. 'Prolonged fasting which occurs when we skip breakfast can increase your body's insulin response, which in turn increases fat storage and weight gain.

In fact, skipping breakfast increases you risk of obesity.' On-going studies from The National Weight Control Registry show that 78% of people who eat breakfast everyday has maintained their weight loss for more than a year. 'If we don't eat breakfast our engines don't switch on to burn any fuel, so our metabolic rate stays asleep which means it won't be burning calories throughout the day,' explains fitness professional and nutrition consultant Laura Church. It's not just weight loss, fluctuating mood swings and poor concentration that effect as. Worryingly, not having our morning meal can also raise our risk of diabetes and heart disease.

A study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition shows the effects of eating and skipping breakfast. Researchers examined calories eaten and burned throughout the day as well as circulating insulin, glucose and cholesterol levels. Bad cholesterol levels were significantly lower and insulin response to eating was lower, lowering the risk of diabetes. Higher levels of bad cholesterol, LDL will worsen circulation and strain your heart. What should we be eating?

'Try to eat every two to three hours, this will reduce blood sugar levels constantly rising and dropping,' explains Laura. 'This might sound strange but sometimes I give my daughter chicken and noodles for breakfast, she loves this and it's far more nutritious then eating white toast, cereals and sugary refined foods. Have slow release carbohydrates such as porridge, wholemeal bread and good protein. This will give you sustained energy release throughout the day. Two poached eggs on wholemeal toast are ideal.' States Laura. 'Forget cereal bars, you may as well have a bar of chocolate and drink fruit juice with the 'bits', otherwise the sugar is being released to fast into our bodies.' In Japan it is common to eat rice, soup or steamed vegetables in the morning. It may take some getting use to but the benefits are reduced fat and added nutrients from the veggies. Still not got time for breakfast? How to break the fast past Excuse 1 - 'I need my sleep' Stop snoozing, start living. If you're not a morning person it's hard to resist the snooze button but taking time for breakfast will give you more energy to face the day then an extra 10 minutes in bed ever could. Try getting out of bed 15 minutes earlier. Excuse 2 - 'I get hungrier when I eat breakfast' Give your breakfast a protein blast.

Many breakfast foods are comprised of simple carbohydrates, many cereals (especially the kid's varieties), white bread, bagels etc. Simple carbs send your blood sugar through the roof; they're not slow - releasing and are easily digested. Try peanut butter with fruit or on wholemeal toast, multi grain bagels with cottage cheese are good choices for getting healthy protein. Excuse 3 - 'I don't feel hungry first thing' Remember you don't have to have a large breakfast just something substantial and nutritious, this will help fuel your brain and give your body the energy it needs. 'Many people can skip breakfast without feeling hungry. Depleted glycogen stores in the liver produce a state of ketosis, the early stages of the body's starvation response. One of the side effects of ketosis is lack of hunger,' Explains Martica Heaner, health and fitness expert. 'When you fast you deprive your body of energy. One reason people can go 12 hours or so in the evening without eating is because most of that time they are in low energy mode, sleeping or doing very sedentary activity.'

Try these simple steps

If you are pushed for time, try preparing breakfast the night before. You could make a big bowl of fruit for dessert, save half and have in the morning. It will go towards your 5 a day and you can have it on its own or pour over yogurt. You can prepare a packed breakfast to eat later if you don't feel hungry or haven't the time. Foods such as fruit, bag of dried fruit, nuts and oatcakes are all quick to grab on the way out. If possible try to keep some wholegrain cereal at work. Porridge oats contain lots of vitamins, minerals and fibre. It takes as little as 2 minutes in the microwave. Eat non breakfast foods. Heat up last night's leftovers, if it's healthy and well balanced you don't have to eat a traditional breakfast. Have hard boiled eggs. There nutritious, full of protein and a good source of vitamin B-12 and riboflavin. And they're easy to cook ahead of time, then just grab and go.

Try a smoothie. For late - risers here's a breakfast option you can toss into the blender the night before, refrigerate, and whip up just before you walk out the door. Before bed, combine ½ cup of low fat yogurt, a banana, 4 strawberries and ½ cup of apple juice in a blender. In the morning, add ice and blend until smooth. Visit NHS breakfast for life for more healthy recipes and how to incorporate a healthy breakfast into your family's life. Remember eating breakfast is the best start to your day, notice how great you feel if you don't skip breakfast.

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