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Vegetarian Diet Chart For Your Weight Loss Plan

By Robin Verma
If you like to experiment with your eating habits, then you can try out a pure vegetarian diet for your weight loss program. Research says that in general vegetarian food is healthier than non vegetarian food. It also says that human digestive system is naturally designed for eating vegetarian food.  People are turning vegetarians every year, so if you would like to try the vegetarian diet for your weight loss program, you can consider the following (commonly used among Asian Indians) vegetarian diet chart for your weight loss plan:

1. Try to wake up before sunrise. Drink 2 glasses of water. If you are not able drink that much water in the first day, then drink as much as you can, and slowly try to increase it to 2 glasses every morning. 

2. Go for a morning walk or jogging for at least 30 minutes every morning. Do not eat anything before jogging.  After you return back, have juice of any fruit that you like. Try to avoid sugar as much as you can. Fruits have natural sweetness in them. 

3. In breakfast, have bread or toast with butter or have two 'idlis' (a round shape Indian dish, made up of rice) with 'sambhar' (a type of vegetable soup) 

4. In lunch have 3 medium sized chapattis, a cup of boiled rice with curry, and one green vegetable. You can also have salad in which you can add fruits and vegetables of your choice. The food should have minimum oil and spice. 

5. at evening, you can have milk, tea, coffee or any other beverage with a couple of toasts or biscuits. 

6. At dinner, either have chapattis or rice with any of your favorite vegetables or 'dal'. Eat plenty of vegetable salad that  includes green and leafy vegetables in it.

If you would like to alter this diet then there are lots of healthy and tasty vegetarian recipes to select from. You can always google for new recipes; sites like YouTube would be helpful as well. Try to follow a strict vegetarian diet for 3 months, and with proper and regular workout, you will see a definite change in yourself, both in weight as well as in your health

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