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Why is Deep Fried Food Considered Fattening?

By Perry Gamsby
Deep frying food is an American tradition, especially at Thanksgiving and also an everyday thing in some regions of the USA such as the deep south. The variety of foods that can be cooked using the deep frying method is considerable and just about every dish is as delicious as it is fattening!

The reason why the food cooked this way is so fattening is because the oil that cooks the food contains fat that is transferred to the food. In fact that is what oil is, fat. The oil is heated and the food immersed in the oil completely, hence the 'deep' part of deep fried. This gives an overall even cooking to the food and makes it ideal for items such as chicken and turkey amongst many foods.

All the fat the food item absorbs is then passed on to whoever eats the food. Forget 'good fats' and 'bad fats', in the quantities consumed with deep fried meals it is all pretty much 'bad fat'. Why are Americans getting fatter and fatter every year? Part of the reason is the abundance of deep fried 'fast foods', convenience foods. These foods taste great and are so easy to enjoy but they are making us wider and wider every year.

So what is the secret to enjoying deep fried food? Two things. Choose your oil carefully. I prefer a Canola blend that is low in the 'bad fats' and high in the 'good fats'. I also don't deep fry everything. In fact I would deep fry maybe once a week to ten days. Then I don't eat half a chicken farm in one sitting! Moderation in all things is the key.

By all means enjoy deep fried food, it is after all a part of our cuisine heritage. Just take it easy and eat sparingly. Enjoy what you eat but don't eat to excess. Now, pass the chicken please and make mine a drumstick!

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