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Nutrition Facts About Chicken Breast

By Tom Lingle
Losing weight, or even just trying to eat healthier, is a very challenging thing to do, but it can be easier if you understand what is in the foods you eat every day, so that you can make good choices in your diet. One thing that many people do not think about, is adding extra protein to your diet. Not only will protein help build muscles, it also helps you to feel fuller longer. Chicken breast can be a great source of protein and a wonderful addition to many diets.

Chicken breast is very easy to adapt and use in many different recipes, so you will not easily tire of eating it like you would some foods. Compared to many other meats, like steak or pork, chicken breast is much lower in fat and calories. The best way to insure that you are enjoying chicken and not hurting your diet is by preparing it with the skin removed. Removing the skin will drastically reduce the fat content and somewhat lower the calorie content. The flavor is not harmed by removing the skin, as long as the chicken is carefully prepared. Serving it grilled, baked or roasted will also make it much healthier than serving it fried or seared.

A skinless, grilled chicken breast has around 225 calories per eight ounce serving. This serving size can be cut down if you were serving it on a salad or in a dish, making it even more diet-friendly. The fat content in this size serving is around 5 grams, but this is mostly unsaturated fat which is the healthiest type of fat. Chicken is low in sodium, but you must be careful when preparing it not to overload it with salty sauces or spices. In addition to being a good source of protein, chicken breast is also a great source of niacin, phosphorus, selenium, and vitamin b 6.

As you can see, chicken breast can be an important food for those who are dieting or simply trying to eat healthier. Simply, take care when choosing how it is prepared and it will help you to reach your nutritional goals.

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