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Is There Such a Thing As Fast Food That's Good For You?

By Steve Hochman

've heard over and over from clients that they didn't have the time to eat healthy and that fast food was the quickest and easiest option. (And that's why they end up looking for a personal trainer - precisely because of their poor food choices.)

The sad thing is that these people could have still eaten at a fast food restaurant without having to grab fattening and greasy foods. Fast food restaurants have healthy choices, too, and just making the right choices can allow you to stick to your diet and still hit the drive thru. As a Costa Mesa personal fitness trainer, I've give this advice to my clients about how to eat fast food without the guilt. 

Here are my "Fast Food Meets Fitness" Tips, some of which might leave you a little surprised!

Do Your Research - Go to the website of the restaurant before you go. Check out the nutritional information. This is a good eye opener because you will see the fat and calories in the foods you usually choose. If you forget or cannot check out the website beforehand then ask for a nutritional guide at the counter.

Skip Fried and Choose Grilled - A good example is choosing grilled instead of crispy chicken. Crispy is one of those descriptive terms that mean deep-fried and that means a lot of fat and calories.  Grilled is always the better choice.

Get Extra Veggies - When you get a sandwich just ask for double the veggies. Most of the time this is free and will give you extra nutrients in your meal. I am a Costa Mesa personal trainer and I do this a lot when I eat fast food.

Get a Kid's Meal
Kid portions are actually appropriately sized portions. They make a very good choice and are the best choice if you are at a place that doesn't seem to have any good choices on the menu. A kid's meal has fewer calories and is your best bet if you cannot avoid fried foods.

Skip the Fries - French fries are loaded with fat. They are usually the single worst item on the menu. 99% of the time you eat fast food you should say no to fries. They are deep-fried and nothing, but carbs so they are a double bad choice. You get starchy carbs that spike your blood sugar and fats that clog your arteries.

Get Sauce on the Side - Sauces on burgers at fast food restaurants are usually packed with sugar, fat and calories. Get it on the side and only use a little or, better, ask for none at all. You can really save yourself a lot of fat and calories just by doing this. It is really simple to ask for no sauce or for it on the side. This includes all special sauces and mayonnaise. You sandwich ends up being much healthier for you this way.

Don't Be Fooled by Salads - Not every salad is healthy! Many people think that salad means healthy but this is not true. Some salads are just as bad as a burger. You have to watch the ingredients in the salad. Skip the fried chicken and go for grilled. Avoid taco salads since they are loaded with foods that are fatty and calorie laden. Also watch the dressing choice you make. Some can be loaded with calories and fat. Just choose carefully before you order a salad. I know as a Costa Mesa fitness trainer you probably expect me to recommend salads, but this is one situation where other menu items may be a better choice.

Well, those are my appropriate solutions for someone trying to lose weight and tone up. Avoid fast food, but when you can't, just be smart about your fast food choices.

Steve Hochman is a Costa Mesa Personal Fitness Trainer in Costa Mesa California. For more than 10 years, Steve has been the leader in helping local residents lose weight, tone up and feel great in the shortest possible time as a Costa Mesa Fitness Trainer in Costa Mesa CA. To learn more about how you can get in amazing shape fast, visithttp://www.NextLevelFitness.net
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