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Live a Healthier Life With Mediterranean Diet Plan

By Martin Fisch
If you're reading this article then you have probably tried a diet for quick weight loss. There are tons of diet programs out there that promises quick and easy ways to lose weight. Is there really such a thing? Healthy weight loss needs to be gradual and the healthy weight loss is 1-2% of your body's weight every week.

There are numerous diet plans and this article will discuss the pros and cons of Mediterranean Diet Plan. The diet plan consists of 50% carbohydrates, 20% protein and the rest are fats. It is thought to be one of the healthiest diets because of the low salt and fat content.

What makes Mediterranean Diet Different from other Meal Plans?

The constant use of olive oil is evident in Mediterranean Diet Meal Plan. Olive oil has been proven as an effective antioxidant. It is beneficial for us because it protects us from free radicals (smoke, pollution, etc.). Some doctors even advice patients to drink 1 or 2 tablespoons of olive oil daily.

As with most diet plans, the Mediterranean diet meal plan focuses more on fresh fruits, legumes and vegetables. As a snack, nuts are highly encouraged. Red meats are discouraged and not part of the daily diet. Exercise is a major part of the diet plan. Dairy products can be consumed but only moderately. Eggs can be part of the diet and you can eat 4 eggs per week.

Major lifestyle changes are in store if you decide to undergo the Mediterranean Diet Meal Plan. A support system (friend or family) can help you in this life-changing moment. It's better if you can find a partner who can be with you so that you can support and motivate each other.

In the Mediterranean diet plan you will undergo some changes even in your liquid intake. You need to drink at least 6 glasses per day. Red wine is also part of the diet though it is optional. This diet plan is thought to be the one of the healthiest diet. Salt is rarely used instead spices and herbs are used for flavoring. Sugar is also discouraged and honey is often used for sweetening.

The best diet for quick weight loss is still a mystery. The most effective diet is the diet that works for you. The most important thing is your commitment to yourself. If you are sure then you can start thinking of ways to lose weight. There are numerous programs to choose from and it's best if you ask your doctor for opinion.

Adapting a healthier lifestyle is a good way to start losing weight. The Mediterranean diet plan wants you to go for foods that are fresh and healthy. If you're hungry in between meals then have an apple or some nuts. You can also make sandwiches instead of eating fast-food or foods that have chemicals and preservatives. You can also teach your children the healthy way of living so that all of you can enjoy the benefits of a healthy life.

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