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Can Changing Your Diet Change Your Life?

By Karen Saw
Typically when people talk about or write about diets and dieting, more often than not, various diet types may be described or the pros and cons would be discussed.

Also, some nutrition specialists might approach the subject by recommending or disagreeing with one or more diet plans, types, or programs.

After a friend had asked me the other day to define the concept of a "diet" and explain that to her, that really set me thinking about the subject. I realised that there could possibly be several perspectives and certainly motivations when people explore diets.

In this article, it is proposed that we examine diet or dieting in a different light.

When people consider adopting a diet program, or want to choose a diet, the following may be one or more of the motivations behind their choices:

1. To lose weight

2. To gain weight

3. To build muscle or lean muscle mass

4. To be adopted because it is the latest trend, just like fashion (fad diets, celebrity diets, latest diets in the news)

5. To improve your appearance (e.g. for better skin, hair and nails)

6. To improve the way you feel (e.g. to detox, to feel more energetic)

7. To control or improve a health condition (e.g. in dealing with diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol).

8. To prepare for an important event (e.g. a job interview, an athletic competition, a wedding, a high school reunion)

9. To enhance or emphasize your lifestyle choices and beliefs (e.g. adopting a vegetarian diet, choosing only organic foods, choosing dolphin-free tuna, choosing only free-range eggs)

10. To reinforce a mindset change (e.g. adopting a healthy diet because "That's the New Healthy Me!")

If we examined some of the above motivations, we might discover that often, these are related to making changes or changing something about one's self. In such cases, often people believe that by choosing or adopting a particular diet, that becomes a means to an end or sorts.

Taking this one step further, a person would examine what it is that he or she desires or would want to achieve and then decide if a suitable diet can help him or her.

It may be beneficial for you to evaluate and ask yourself if your desire is to change your life in some way through a particular diet, i.e. change your life by changing your diet. Alternatively, perhaps you do need change in some way, but the results you want may instead, be achieved by, for example; a mindset change, or by getting more education and training, or by a change in some habits or perhaps through some other means.

Of course, even if your desire is to change your life by changing your diet, there is nothing necessarily good or bad about it. It is great to set goals where you can keep healthy, look better, and feel great. If these can be achieved by combining a diet program with a good exercise or workout plan, that is a great way to go.

However, if you are thinking that perhaps by adopting some super duper diet of the month and you can get a spouse easily or a new job in half the time, then, you just might want to think a little deeper about this.

Explore inwardly what it is that you really, really want, or want to be, and then ask yourself what is the best way to get this or become this.

Some experts might propose that by adopting a healthy diet regardless of the reasons behind it, this alone would be beneficial to a person's health. Moreover, with an improvement in your health, there might then be other benefits that you can enjoy. For example, some of these benefits might be that you would look better or feel great every day. These benefits might merely be the side effects of your improved health through adopting an improved diet. On reflection, you might agree that there is certainly some wisdom in this idea.

Regardless of your motivations and the results of your inward reflection, make a commitment to yourself to start being what you want to be, whether it is through the use of a diet or by taking action, without delay; in some other way.

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