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Is There A Diet That Can Control Dry Skin?

By Louise Forrest
You can control your dry skin without the use of unguents and salves. If you modify your diet, you can enjoy a lifetime with the healthy skin that you were born with. What is this miracle diet consisting of?

Well, as you remember from those Saturday morning informational segments, a balanced intake of food can do wonders for not only your inner health but also your outer beauty. Essentially, if you manage to balance your intake with foods such as raw vegetables and fruits, you are heading in the right direction in controlling your dry skin. Also, making sure that your diet includes things as grains and seeds, you will get the necessary essential nutrients that will make your skin glow.

Garlic has also been known to be helpful in the maintenance of your skin. Onions and eggs contribute greatly to the health of your outer shell. Asparagus is great for detoxifying your system, thus allowing your dry skin to operate as it should.

Yellow and orange vegetables are known for their antioxidants and beta carotene. These chemicals do wonders for the maintenance of your dry skin, so make sure they are integral parts of your diet regimen.

Flax seed oil contains omega 3 fatty acids. When you consume flax seed oil, your body metabolizes it into a compound known as Prostaglandin, which is known to help in the maintenance and longevity of the health of your dry skin.

Vitamins A, C and B5 are important to your skin and its ability to remain healthy and moisturized. These can be found in foods such as cantaloupes, carrots and apricots. B5 otherwise known as pantothenic acid can be found in kefir, yeasts and yogurt. You skin needs pantothenic acid to allow it to convert fats and oils to be used properly by your dry skin.

Keeping hydrated helps your skin to remain moisturized. If you can manage to consume at least two quarts of water in one day, you will find that those dry spots disappear, leaving behind a luster that screams healthy skin.

Are you hooked on fast food? You should make every attempt to cut these out of your diet. Because most fast food is created using oil and frying, the oil in the food changes it chemical makeup and leads to the creation of free radicals which breakdown the elastin in your skin and cause it to age prematurely. Aging skin tends to dry out quicker than healthy skin.

Sweets are something to be avoided as they create useless food nutrients that deteriorate your skin, causing it to age and dry out. The sugars contained within these products also lead to an increase in your stress level which tends to consume the important nutrients that should be left to fuel the health of your skin. After all, who wants dry skin?

If you love that java and drink it all day long, you should be aware that it is a diuretic. A diuretic causes your body to expel liquids at an increased rate. Since your body compensates for this by centralizes the flow of fluids to your inner organs, your dry skin starves for water. Alcohol is another culprit and excess consumption should be avoided at all cost.

By following the ideas presented, your diet will allow you to create the optimum environment for your skin to enjoy a moisturized and healthy state without you having to resort to all those fabulous creams and sprays that do little more than cosmetically change your outward appearance. It is a far more healthy and permanent approach to amend your diet as it corrects the problem from the inside out and also gives you the general good health that we all should enjoy.

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