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Slim Fast Diet Program - Burn Fat Quickly

By Jasmine J
The Slim Fast diet program quite simply is one the most popular diet programs available today. Similar with any other diet program, the core principle of Slim Fast is the same, the dieter just needs to eat less than the calories they normally burn. Even though the method is standard, but it does work. By eating and burning a sufficient number of calories, the program promises you will lose weight. The question is how fast or how much you can burn with this program?

In real scenario, the results can be varied from one person to another. One group has reported to lose two pounds every week, another group reported losing 10% of total weight in six months. Your effort, motivation, discipline and body condition will be the greatest factors in determining how much weight that you will lose and how fast.

You can divide the Slim Fast diet program into three parts:

In the first part you will need to control your foods. You are allowed to eat everything, but you are advised to utilize strict control on the calories that you take and choose the healthy ones for your meals. Generally speaking, you want to take around 1200 calories intake a day but it might vary depending on your body shape and condition. You are also advised to do proper exercises. As you might expect, other than the plan mentioned, you are also advised to use Slim Fast diet program products that you can see at advertisements. The products include shakes and snack bars. You are required to have 6 meals a day to make sure you won't experience any hunger pangs.

In the second part you will need to drink a lot of water to control your calories level. Replace the beverages and other drinks you normally consume with water. It is well advised you take it slowly. Slim Fast diet program advises to drink 8 cup of water per day. If you are used to drink 3 cup of water per day, you might want to increase it gradually just to make sure your body can adapt. It has been reported that some people get diarrhea and other health problems when they change their eating habits drastically.

The third part deals with setting goal for your diet. You should make it clearly before you are doing any diet, how much weight that you expect to lose. In that way, you can tract your progress during month after month.

One bad thing about Slim Fast diet program is you will find it difficult to get proper vitamins, minerals and other nutrients necessary from the shakes and snack bars.


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