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Diet - Myths and facts

by Derekelliottca
In today's time almost everyone wants to look appealing  physically. Most of us want to look thinner and sexier thus the word 'diet' probably means a lot more that just eating the right amount of nutrients which we need. You also might be resolved and be disciplined in order for you to get in the shape that you want. However, there are many widespread diet myths out there that simply prevent people from reaching their goals. Some of them are listed here,

Myth: Fat free food means calorie free food
Fact: Generally not, most foods without fat still has the equal amount or even more calories than regular foods. People never realize the fact that fat free foods such as cookies, cakes and crackers may still contain a lot of calories, certainly not from fat but from proteins and carbohydrates. However, in some low fat or no fat foods like cakes, cookies more sugar and starch thickeners are added to enrich flavor. These ingredients are high in calories that cause weight gain. To get the facts about fat-free foods always check the food labels at the back of the product for the serving size and number of calories per serving.

Myth: All fats are bad
Fact: Actually, fat is a requisite for the body.. Fats help nutrient absorption, nerve transmission, energy production. However, some fats also known as bad fat when consumed in surplus amount, contribute to weight gain and heart diseases. On the other hand good fats promote health positively. The key is to replace bad fats with good fats in diet to remain healthy.

Myth: Salad is the healthiest meal salad-dressings
Fact: It's a universal presumption that salad is always healthy but that is not always the case depending upon what ingredients we have put into and what all are the toppings and dressing. If salad contains lots of high-fat ingredients they may add more calories and fat than a steak and fries!

Myth: Skipping meals helps in weight loss
Fact: Research have been shown that people who skip breakfast or other meals tend to gain more weight than others who eat a healthy breakfast and eat 3-4 times a day. This occurs because when you do not eat for a long time your level of metabolism drops and you get overly-hungry. When you eat again you eat too much that�s end up putting on weight.

Myth: Eating at night means fat gain eating-at-night
Fact: Actually there is no intrinsic link amongst calories and body clock that after some time body stores fat What really matters is the total amount of food and drink you have been taken over the course of a week, or a month or longer, and how much energy you burned up during that time frame Therefore, if you intake more calories than your body burns, the excess calories will be stored as fat over time regardless of whether they are taken in during the day or night.

Myth: Caffeine is unhealthy
Fact: Coffee, tea leaves, cocoa beans, cola, and energy drinks are the most common sources of caffeine in our diet. There are various studies that suggest Caffeine can be safe and can be part of a healthy eating plan if drank in moderate amount.

Myth: Brown eggs are better than white egg
Facts: Apart from the appealing color brown eggs do not exhibit any difference in taste, quality or nutrition content from white egg. Brown egg contains roughly equal fat, protein, vitamin and mineral contents. The color difference is actually because of the specific breed of hen. According to the Egg Nutrition Council white eggs are cranked out by hens with white feathers and white ear lobes and brown eggs are cranked out by hens with red feathers and red ear lobes.

Myth: Exercise in not necessary when you are on a diet exercise
Fact: Although dieting alone can help to lose weight, but muscles and extra skin will look awful. Exercising will increase your rate of weight loss and also your muscles will look great.

Some common diet myths that not only don't work, but may actually be harmful and cause your body serious damage. So better separate myths from facts.

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