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Eat Happy Foods to Lose Weight

We live in a stressful world with lots of competition for our time and attention, and like the population at large, many of whom are overwhelmed, stressed and/or depressed, there are a significant proportion of slimmers who suffer depression - perhaps a greater proportion due to the unhappiness with their body image and/or repeated failures with conventional dieting.

Human beings create their own anti-depressant brain chemical in the form of serotonin; this chemical appears to be in lower amounts in those who are depressed, and that is why ant-depressant medication interacts on our biochemical pathways to increase our level of serotonin, artificially.

When people feel low, we seek comfort - human beings are 'hard wired' to avoid pain (physical or emotional) and seek pleasure (the avoidance of pain has been shown to be the most dominant driver, however).

Slimmers tend to seek comfort in carbohydrate-based foods because they give an instant sugar 'high', but they also induce the secretion of the 'happy' chemical serotonin.
So, if you are following a conventional weight loss method, to avoid carbohydrate/sugar craving as a source of serotonin, have available some natural foods which have the same effect in boosting serotonin or warding off sugar cravings.

I call these 'happy' foods, and they include things like:-

Brazil nuts 

One of the most positive attributes of hypnotic and meditative methods is that they are a natural way to de-stress in itself, as well as receiving positive suggestions into your unconscious mind to stop your carbohydrate/sugar cravings, you will feel much happier in yourself, and your mind will find a new way to attain happiness in knowing that you are reaching your slimming goal

I guess what I am suggesting here is to be kind to yourself. In the society we live in with the demands placed on us due to work and family responsibilities, we all tend to suffer from something I call 'hurry sickness' - we bite off more than we can chew, trying to address competing life priorities.

This can seriously hinder reaching your ideal weight, so 


Take time out, maybe 30 minutes (I am sure you can find a half hour), and treat yourself to some meditation 
(you do not need to have a guru or be a Buddhist monk) and self-reflection, on your own at a time and in a place you will not be disturbed. You can even treat yourself to a soak in the bath.

It is important to have some 'you time'; this will ward off the urge to comfort yourself 'on the run', like gorging on a chocolate bar on the way back to the office, or eating a big cream cake after doing the shopping.

With your eyes closed look up to the centre of your forehead and repeat to yourself over and over again, "I am enough, I am now at peace, and I deeply and completely accept myself", drift off into your own thoughts, and if a worrying or nagging thought emerges simply and kindly ask it to leave you alone until you have finished your meditation. You may be pleasantly surprised at the results. Give yourself permission to take care of yourself and nurture yourself in this way.

By - Mark Nicholson MSc DipCHyp MPNLP
Weight Loss Specialist
Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=M_Nicholson

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