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Losing Weight This Winter - Diet and Exercise Secrets to Boost Your Metabolism and Fat Burning

By Dr. Becky Gillaspy

Losing weight this winter is easier when you learn how to use your favorite foods to help speed fat loss and you learn how to cut your exercise time in half and actually boost your fat burning. The winter season is very busy with additional parties and the holidays but it is also a time of less activity because of the longer nights and colder weather. If you feel you need a change in your diet and exercise strategies this winter then I encourage you to take just a couple of minutes right now to read on.

Losing Weight This Winter

You may find yourself more focused on food when the winter sets in. This can be for a combination of reasons but the truth is this added focus can lead you to feel like you are depriving yourself or missing out on your favorite foods.

But you don't have to give up your favorite foods to lose weight in fact your favorites can become your secret weapon for weight loss especially during the holiday meal season.

Here is the problem...when you diet you keep your calories low and in a very short time your body adapts to this lower food intake by lowering your metabolism. This is not good because your slower metabolism means slower weight loss.

You want to keep your body from adapting and you can do this by feeding your body more calories on one day of your dieting week. So for instance if you have a holiday meal next weekend simply diet as you had been for 6 days up to the party and then take the party off and boost your metabolism by eating more.

Now let's shift our thoughts to exercise. Exercise over the winter tends to move indoors and let's face it spending an hour on the treadmill can be mentally tough. But you can cut that workout in half by adding burst of high intensity.

Simply warm up at a comfortable pace and then vary your pace between that comfortable pace and a high intensity pace and you will stimulate your metabolism and burn fat more efficiently all day long.

Losing weight this winter is easier when you have the right diet and exercise strategies that allow you to make eating and exercising more enjoyable and more efficient.

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